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3 July 1980
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Hey all. I'm Karen, this is my LJ, yadda yadda yadda. Currently I'm a librarian assistant for the branches of a library system in a mid-sized city. Sorry, most of the fun work entries are friendslocked for various reasons, but I do post unlocked entries fairly often. Similarly some of the fannish stuff is flocked, but it's less important that people I work with not know I'm a dork, so there are quite a few unlocked entries.

Go ahead and friend me, and I'll likely friend you back! One warning though: this journal is basically for anything and everything, so if you're friending me because we share a fandom, just know that you'll be seeing posts on a variety of other fandoms.

If there's no credit listed for the icons I have uploaded, it means I made them. Feel free to snag, jsut please comment & let me know (helps me know what people like) and, of course, credit me. As I'm cheap & poor, I'll only have 3 icons uploaded at one time. You can see the others I've done at My Photobucket Account. For brushes/caps/etc that I've used, see my Icon Resources Post.

If you're interested in reading my fanfic, see my fic journal at knitwitfics or go to my Fanfiction.Net Profile to see older or longer stories. Enjoy!

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