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Month of Fic

 So I'm usually crap at actually filling every fic prompt I get, but I'm going to make an effort and do *something* for anyone who gives me a prompt for one day out of this month.  Of course if I was smart I would have posted this a while ago so I could have started early, but whatever.

SO.  CLAIM YOUR DATE!  Give me a date/a couple dates, character/pairing and a prompt.  Who can you prompt?  You guys know who I write/RP (Jack, Renee, Kim, Phil Coulson, Phyllis Coulson, etc. etc.).

I'll fill in the list below as people request stuff.

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 I should probably do some kind fo update with various things that have been going on--not that there have been any monumental changes that I've kept from Twitter or anything--but am feeling the need to squeal because OMG I SAW SKYFALL AND AL:SD:LASKD:LSKL:D:ASLDS:KDKDAKSAKDSLKJFLKSDJFLDJLSJ.

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Avengers Genderswap fic snippet

Snippet of my genderswapped!Avengers fic. Yes there's more after this which is why this thing is taking forever to write.

Starring Toni Stark, Stephanie Rogers, Phyllis Coulson...Collapse )

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Sep. 15th, 2012

So thanks to a prompt on the Avengers Kink Meme, I've had genderswapped Avengers eating my brain the last couple weeks.  As writing is kind of an exercise in transcribing the movie in my head, I've been trying to come up with a genderswapped cast so I can visualize the characters more easily, and thanks to some discussion in yesterday's Daily Entertainment in [community profile] ways_back_room  I have possibilities!

Stephanie Rogers: Katee Sackhoff :D:D:D:D:D  And I imagine her having a build like a Track & Field athlete, considering running, jumping and throwing are kind of her specialty. :D

Phyllis Coulson: Catherine Keener or Olivia Williams, though leaning more toward Keener.  She's a little older than Coulson, but that means she was about the right age when she was in The Interpreter, which is a good visual basis to go on. :D

Nicole Fury: CCH Pounder or S. Epatha Merkerson, though leaning more toward Pounder

Nicolai Romanov: Damian Lewis. :D  He's a lot older than Nicolai, but photos from ten yrs. ago will give an idea, and Natasha's backstory is...special, so age might not be as easy to tell.

Claire Barton: Someone suggested Kate Beckinsale, and I haven't thought as much about Claire yet, so Beckinsale will do for now. :D

Thor Odinsdottir:  LOL someone suggested Jennifer Lawrence based on this picture. :D

I still need suggestions for Toni Stark, Bryce Banner and Mark Hill. :D  I should mention I'm trying hard to get PBs that are the same age or older (so I can look at earlier photos when they were the right age) than the characters, so Toni and Bryce are both in their early 40s, while Hill is in his early 30s.

Needless to say, my brain has been happily falling down the rabbit hole as to backstory for these characters now that they're a different gender. :D

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Signal Boost

For friends of Crystal ([personal profile] sardonicynic ) there's an important post over in Ali's journal that you should check out.

And if you can think of anyone else who should know that I don't have friended, please pass this on.
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Oh one good thing today, though?  I made a stop at Michaels and YAY they have more non-cross-stitch embroidery stuff!  Seriously, the only way I could get tea towels to embroider on was by ordering off the internet, now Michaels has them, and they've restocked the high-count evenweave linen again if I want to get some for some slightly fancier projects.

I have a few tea towels at home that need embroidering but I still bought some today becuase I want to encourage them to keep them in stock (along with a new hoop and some more floss and needles) and spent my dinner hour embroidering swirls.

Now if only they stocked more colours of perle cotton in size 8 and smaller...

Of course now I just want to embroider all night.  I'm doing an embroidery program for teens in a few weeks...would embroidering swirls now count as program prep? :D

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Apr. 14th, 2012

OMG you guys, OMG.

So I've spent much of the day trying to think of just what to write about the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, as the Titanic has kind of been a big part of my life.  There are dozens of things I do every day that have even the tiniest reminders, like my email address, knitwit1912.

It's been a few years since I really looked at a lot of Titanic stuff, though, and so a few days ago I went and did something I haven't done in a while: started searching to see what I could find about the person I'm most interested in the disaster: Thomas Andrews, Managing Director of Harland and Wolff Shipbuilders, and chief designer of the Titanic.

And this time I found stuff I've wanted to see for ages, most particularly, photos and family photos in particular.  Especially photos from his wedding to Helen Reilly Barbour, and more pictures of his daughter, Elizabeth Law Barbour Andrews.  There's a huge collection of them here.

And then tonight, omg, y'all.

One thing I have always, always wanted to know is what Helen Andrews was like and the story of her and Thomas' relationship.  I wanted to know more about her and tonight I found an interview and an article with one of her children from her second marriage.

OMG, guys.  She has a letter from Thomas to Helen after he proposed to her.  She has her mother's engagement ring.  Needless to say, I was in tears watching it.

I think what I was looking for the last few days wasn't just updated information, it was that sense of the real people behind the photos and the story that had kind of faded after not being as involved for a while. It's the reminder that these were real people who were going about their daily lives and then the unthinkable just happened.  Helen Andrews was asleep in Belfast at the same moment her husband was realizing that his ship was going to sink and at least half the passengers would die.  That idea--of how things can be totally normal one minute and changed forever the next--has fascinated me for years.  And then, of course, 9/11 happened, and that idea became a reality and a harsh one for a lot of people.

I think in a few minutes, when it's 100 years to the minute of the sinking, it's the sense of the real people behind the tragedy that I'll be trying to hold on to.  Even in the last hundred years, there are people who went down with the ship that we don't really know much about, that have just been lost to history and that are now just a name on a passenger or crew list.  It happens to almost everyone, eventually, it's by no means uncommon.  But it's still kind of sad, and especially tonight, those 1500 people who died--and their families and the 700 who survived who were forever changed by the event--deserve to be remembered.

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Feb. 10th, 2012

*eyes her laptop*  Chloe, stop sucking.  I wasn't even here to accidentally bump the power connection even a fraction and so shut you down.


Until then...

Happy Galentine's Day my thread
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Jan. 18th, 2012


I'm trying to come up with words and I have all these thoughts just zinging around my head like moths in a porch light and I can't even catch them.

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Jan. 16th, 2012

Sooooo...I thought I might need something to mop up my tears when I finally get to see s2e3 of BBC's Sherlock, "The Reichenbach Fall". And I had this hankie lying around that I got as a freebie from Dharma Trading...

So I got out my embroidery supplies...Collapse )

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