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Holiday Fic Meme Fill: OT3 Cuddlepile

I haven't forgotten my holiday fic meme prompts!

Characters/Pairing: Jack Bauer/Trudy Chacon/Carl Benton
Prompt: [personal profile] ashen_key , Hawaii
Rating: PG

Jack is seriously tempted to offer his services as a guard dog to Carl and Trudy, as long as he never has to move from the daybed on their lanai again. Warm breezes tickling his skin, the soothing sound of waves on the shore, the call of birds and rustle of palm trees... This is probably the first time in years that he’s actually relaxed, and he’s figuring out that he kind of likes the feeling.

“Hey, sleepyhead. Shove over.”

Jack opens his eyes, squinting at Carl coming toward him. Jack takes in Carl’s limp--a little worse than usual--and moves to one side of the double daybed so Carl can lie down.

“You all right?” Carl asks, taking a seat and wincing slightly as he bends to take off his shoes.

“Had a pretty bad headache. It’s better now that I dozed off for a while. You?”

Carl gives Jack a glance, failing to hide all of his concern. “Headache? Didn’t you have a migraine yesterday?” Jack can’t be sure how much of Carl’s question is from concern and how much is trying to evade Jack’s question.

“It’s nothing to worry about; I get them more often now, but my doctors say it’s part of the healing process. How’re you doing?”

Carl grimaces as he sprawls on the daybed. “Pulled something when I was running this morning; the sand shifted underfoot and my foot went sideways when I wasn’t expecting it.” He turns toward Jack. “Mind if I...?”

“Go ahead,” Jack says, turning on his side and lifting one arm so Carl can settle himself next to Jack, his back resting against Jack’s side to take pressure off his bad hip. Jack doesn’t mind being Carl’s pillow; Carl gets to be comfortable, while Jack gets the comfort of having someone curled up next to him without having to say out loud that he wants it.

“Don’t we make a pair. You pull something running on the sand and I can barely walk on the beach without needing someone to keep me steady, even with a cane,” Jack says, turning his head to kiss Carl just above his ear and closing his eyes.

“Well at least I’ve got a hot girlfriend to take care of me in my old age,” Carl said.

“Oh, really? I’d love to meet her,” Trudy says, stepping onto the lanai with a squeak of the screen door. Jack looks up to see her walking toward them, the top half of her flight suit unzipped and tied around her waist, a tank top clinging to her damp skin. “Anyone who’d be willing to look after you when you’re old and decrepit is someone I should know.”

She leans over them, giving Jack a brief kiss with a soft, “hey, Jack,” before giving Carl a longer kiss.

“Am I gonna have to move over again?” Jack asks.

“You’ve got some time to work up to it; I need a shower first,” Trudy says, turning back toward the house.

“And just when I got comfortable,” Jack says, raising his voice so she can hear him as she opens the door again.

She’s back in a couple minutes after a military-speed shower, dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.

“Okay, shove over, Carl,” she says, stepping up onto the daybed and over Carl, “No, the other way. I want in between you two.”

“I always knew a woman would come between us, Jack,” Carl says, moving to give Trudy some space.

“If you’re going to make jokes like that, we’re going to need a buffer between us,” Jack says, waiting for Trudy to settle. She lies on her side, using Carl’s chest as a pillow and Jack rolls toward her so that he’s curled at her back. She takes his arm, draping it over her waist and letting out a contented sigh.

“How was work? Any annoying tourists today?” Carl asks.

“None today, but I was doing three-hour tours--and don’t you dare start with that song, either of you--so I only did two tours. Though I wanted a thesaurus for my second tour who kept calling everything ‘awesome’.”

“Mmm. What’s for dinner?”

“You know if I had any thought that you were serious about that, I would have to murder you.”

“Jack’d protect me.”

“Like hell. Just so you know, Trudy, I know how to make bodies disappear,” Jack says, closing his eyes again.

“So how long were you staying again, Jack?” Carl asks.

“If you can both stop bantering long enough for me to get a twenty-minute nap in, I promise I’ll take you out for Kalua pig. The real stuff, at that place in Waimea.”

“Deal. Carl?”

“I can live with that bargain.”

Jack snuggles in a little closer to Trudy, close enough to feel her breathing in time with the breakers on the shore. Eventually, she isn’t the only one lulled to sleep by the warmth of other bodies snuggled close and the sound of the waves.
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