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 I should probably do some kind fo update with various things that have been going on--not that there have been any monumental changes that I've kept from Twitter or anything--but am feeling the need to squeal because OMG I SAW SKYFALL AND AL:SD:LASKD:LSKL:D:ASLDS:KDKDAKSAKDSLKJFLKSDJFLDJLSJ.

ALKSDLAKSLDASKD.  Point form because I can't brain right now:

--LAJSDLJASKDLASJ ALL THE CHARACTER STUFF.  THE BOND BACKSTORY.  I CAN'T EVEN.  It's like we have this character that we know through his actions but don't know the history of for the last couple movies and then we get a while whack of stuff.

--AUUUUGH M.  I mean as soon as I saw the scene at the inquiry with Silva approaching I suddenly realized that they might actually kill M--that either she would sacrifice herself as some kind of redemption (though glad they stuck with her mostly being "I made the decisions I had to" and not really second-guessing herself) but even after she survived that scene I was sure there was a good chance they would kill her off.  And I seem to remember hearing about Judi Dench having some health problems that would maybe help that decision along.  Still, AUGH, and BOND CRYING AS SHE DIED IN HIS ARMS OH MY GOD.  I'd probably have to rewatch to gauge how fridgy it was, as there is a bit of a manpain aspect, but then it did fit the story as well.

--I loved Eva through the movie, though I have to admit, part of me is LOLing about her revelation at the end and part of me is doing a serious side-eye.  I mean I can respect the "okay, maybe I don't want to do field work" aspect, but I think they'd really have to change THAT CHARACTER a lot to make me totally okay with it.  I'd prefer if they'd changed things so she had a position more like Tanner, but Tanner is still around so perhaps not.

--But then, this is a Bond movie.  There is a certain aspect of rolling one's eyes and dealing with the women in a Bond movie, because it's a Bond movie.  It doesn't exactly give them a pass, but on the other hand it shouldn't really be surprising.  See: disposable Bond girl # 372.

--AKSJDLAJDAKS THE CAR.  I know it's somewhat fanservice but having the Aston Martin DB5 in modern Bond movies always makes me giggle, mainly because come on, it's so iconic, and it's also a fucking gorgeous car.  Seriously, I would hump that car.  And flipping the gearshift open and seeing that little red button and the "are you going to complain the entire way?" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.  Big laugh from the theatre at that point.

--Though the use of THE CAR and Q (which I thought was rather well done though I hadn't been certain about it before) does fit into my main thought about one of the feel of the movie. The phrase that came to mind in that last scene was "full circle", and that circling back to the past and bringing it to the current time does fit a lot of aspects of the movie.

--ALSO.  OMG.  "How do you know this is my first time?"  OMG I was trying SO HARD not to laugh through that bit because AHAHA *eyes all the Jack Bauer/James Bond fic [personal profile] synchronicity2  and I have written or partly written.*

But yes, I loooooooved it and I so want to see it again.  And probably will. :D  

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Nov. 10th, 2012 10:26 pm (UTC)
I just got back from Skyfall. Loved it!

I always thought James Bond was code name like M or Q, not a real name since different men inhabit that character. So I was surprised to see the names of Jame's parent.

I appreciated all the shirtless Daniel Craig scenes. Showers! Swimming!

Edited at 2012-11-10 10:34 pm (UTC)
Nov. 11th, 2012 07:35 am (UTC)
Dude. Right now. Just got back.

Skyfall? The shit.

I'm counting myself lucky to be in the US right now - I'm definitely going back to see it again while I'm here and can have it in high quality. And then I'll d/l the cam version to take back to Ghana with me.

So many thoughts! But it's 0230, so I'm gonna have to hold off until morning. If I'm lucky, I'll have Mefloquine dreams about Bond instead of creepy-ass Silva (who was also amazing, but I've already had a fucking terrifying Javier Bardem dream once where I watched him - with my eyes open - come into our sleeping room at the office and kill everyone but me with that air gun thing he has in No Country).
Nov. 23rd, 2012 04:38 am (UTC)
I'm really sad I haven't seen this movie yet as all the squeeing from fandom has me fascinated.
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